We have experienced own business, small companies, consultancy and big multinational companies in various countries.

Besides traditional people-related activities (e. g. talent acquisition, development, career planning) we focus also on company culture, internal communications, employer brand, engagement and happiness of people in businesses. Our power is consistency and authenticity.

We are nomads for most of our lives. We constantly adapt to new conditions through continuous learning and becoming a part of the new ecosystem. We bring this diversity to your project and find the best solution for you and your business.

Want to your dream to become reality?
We can't wait to help you get started.
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Eva is a people expert with an interest in company culture, communication, and marketing. She worked in consulting, corporation and startup. She has been working remotely for couple of years. She loves movies, traveling, especially road trips, and her city garden. She is from Prague.




Angeles is a people expert and lawyer from Chile. She gained her experience in different countries including the USA. She has personal experience in remote working. She likes to say she is a geek and loves philosophy. 



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